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The Studio

The Studio is closed. New drop coming soon! Shop Now

The Studio has been created to give you, our customers, the opportunity to get your hands on exclusive, unreleased products on a weekly basis. A studio, in it's nature, is a place to explore new ideas, experiment and perfect crafts and we're looking at this as just that.

  • Dropping every other week. Fortnightly capsules that are available only once. No restocks.

  • Sustainability focused. All drops are made to order to avoid all waste.

  • Completely exclusive. These pieces will only be released once so if you miss out that's on you

These capsules will be exclusive to The Studio and made to order. Once the sales window is closed we will then begin production of the items making this completely exclusive to those who order. You literally have one chance to get your hands on each capsule.

Why made to order? 

The only way we can sustainably offer you new exclusive products week in week out is if we do it in this way. To not do it made to order would result in huge amounts of waste and also limit the options we can provide for you in each capsule.

How long will orders take? 

Orders will be produced and delivered within 4 weeks.